Where To Buy Xango Mangosteen Juice In The UK

Where To Buy Xango Mangosteen Juice In The UK Online..

Xango has formulated the original and most purest Mangosteen juice available to date using the whole fruit so we benefit from all the fruits nutrition’s so you’re getting all the fruit has to offer as well as a combination of other fruits to make it palatable making Xango a juice that really has a unique taste a taste that’s hard to describe other than the words I mostly hear when asked how does it taste Great!!!

Where to buy mangosteen juice in  uk


Where To Buy Xango Mangosteen Juice In The UK

Each order consist of a neatly packaged box with four 750ml bottles of which is a month’s supply for one individual, as your daily recommended dose is 30mls three times a day. Xango bottles are made of Fiber and not plastic or glass so it’s Eco friendly. Before opening your bottle of XANGO shake to bottle well open then pore your 30ml tot or shot and place the opened bottle into the refrigerator.  One bottle should be consumed within a week if not please consume within a month of being opened. Each Xango bottle has an expiration date on it.

Your order comes right to you front door price charged includes taxes, VAT and delivery. Your order will not just be left at your door if you are not there to receive it but a note will be left for you from your local postal service with details to rearrange delivery.

To order your Xango today the most reliable way is to click on the item in our Online Shop which is safe and user friendly – add Item to cart then either continue shopping if you would like to combine your Xango with any of our other product and go to check out complete the order form and your order will be with you within 3-5 working days.

When placing your order you will be emailed a confirmation of your order with an order number as proof of your transaction. When your Xango Product or Product’s are shipped out to you there will be a tracking number supplied via email so please complete the details correctly when placing or setting up and account on the payment screen.